Team Creya is all about people with one common shared vision � that of equipping our school students with skills and competencies for success in the 21st Century.

Hari K Verma

I am the Co-Founder at Creya Learning. I hold a postgraduate diploma in industrial management from the National Institute of Industrial Engineering, (NITIE) Mumbai. Just prior to co-founding Creya with my friends, I was the business leader at KUED (Knowledge Universe Education Digital) for an innovative business model (@ that time in 2007) that involved using technology to connect remote students and teachers, providing resources to students to learn at their own pace and time and connect the learning community across the world.

I like to look at education from a child's personal perspective. I believe that academic excellence alone, which is by far the most focused aspect of education in our country, plays a very little role in our children growing up to be successful and happy in life. My personal motivation is to guide children to discover their path to learning, careers and success in lifetime and to connect to learning communities across the world.

Praveen B Vudoagiri

In my past life (before you think I am hallucinating, I mean life before Creya), I held a Mechanical Engineering degree and made my living by defining and delivering software applications. My last three years have been as a product leader at KUED building end to end Enterprise Management Systems. And then CREYA happened!!!

Now, I work as a co-learner at Creya and am rediscovering the joy of learning, collaborating, reflecting and designing new things alongside a young generation of innovators, change makers and leaders� the learners of today.

Datla V Reddy

I am a Co-Founder at Creya Learning. Before getting inspired to be part of the founding team of Creya, I was at KU Education Digital India, managing the development of curriculum, assessments and tutoring for the K-12 schools in the US. Despite my MBA from MDI, Gurgaon and an engineering degree to boot, I always felt wanting of a few more essential skills while working as a consultant in different business situations across different continents. These are the skills that went beyond academics and typically don't get enough attention in schools.

As a concerned parent and a coach, I believe that the DNA of what, how and where we teach our school children should prepare them for realizing their true potential. Creya is my small attempt at building an open learning system that delivers those essential skills to our school students and sets them on to a path of success in the 21st century.

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