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Coding & Design Program

Our unique Coding Projects allow children to combine tech skills and design thinking skills as they build applications solving for everyday problems to make the world a better place, and not just tech for the sake of tech.


In the AI & ML course, it’s all about getting to understand the theory , build computational thinking and most importantly build working AI applications

App Development

Students get to work with the latest and fun to use App Development tool to design, build and deploy cutting edge Mobile Apps


Python with its English like syntax and its objected orientated nature sets students onto the path of building complex programming applications

Game Development

The familiar and flexible Block based coding tool combines fun with story-telling with math and physics to build exciting games

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STEM Lab & Maker Space

Our STEM Learning, Making and Tinkering Projects allow children to connect classroom concepts to real world problem solving by providing the means to design and prototype and in the process inspire them to become innovators.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is an exciting new STEM tool that students can use to connect and control everyday devices using sensors, circuits and coding the wifi controllers.


Bringing together mechanics, electronics and programmable robotic controllers, students design and build robots that make life easy for everyone.

3D Design & Print

Rapid Prototyping tools like 3D have put in students hands easy to use CAD / CAM like design tools to nurture the innovator in each of them.

Digital Media

Storytelling through scripting and editing using audio-video tools for communicating ideas and collaborating is an essential 21st century skill.

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The Creya Learning Advantage

The secret to the success of our Coding & STEM program are the key elements of :
* Research backed program curriculum | * Robust training & support systems | *Excellent equipment & studio design

Coding & STEM Lab

Students get to work with a very diverse set of high precision and rugged materials that give shape to the many innovative ideas in the studio designed to be inspiring.

Program Curriculum

The program structure with bootcamps, guided projects, capstone projects and peer presentations ensure learning outcomes across a diverse spectrum of student capabilities

Training & Support

Continuous Professional Development on the tools and pedagogies of STEM & Coding along with support all along the year to teachers is mantra to inspire the innovators.

Online & Hybrid

Whether teaching is happening Online, Hybrid or In-school, our Coding, Design & STEM program is geared to run uninterrupted in synchronous and asynchronous modes

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The Creya'tors Tribe

You are as good as the company you keep. School leaders vouch for the engagement and enrichment benefits to students from our STEM & Coding program, year after year. A sample list of our partner schools:

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