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XEL is an experiential learning system for enabling schools in providing children with a set of literacies and competencies for success in the 21st Century.

XEL helps build 21st Century skills needed for success and the attributes required to apply those skills to their best effect. It raises student performance, and improves teaching inside classrooms.

With XEL in schools, students show significant improvements in areas such as collaborative learning, use of experience and questioning. Teachers assume the role of a guide, while students progress from passive learners to active learners.

At the core of XEL are a set of engaging Experiential Activities, a rich set of manipulative (constructibles) having diverse elements ranging from STEM to digital media, lesson plans for teachers and innovative assessment methods. The program is also supported by professional development for teachers, on-site support in schools and a seasoned implementation methodology customized to the needs of the school. With its integration of experiential education and design thinking, the XEL system of learning gives your school and students a clear edge over others.

21st Century skills

XEL, implemented in over 7500 schools across the world,is a non-disruptive solution by building on top what schools already teach in the class. It aligns with your school curriculum and seamlessly integrates into your existing calendar and academics.

At the heart of XEL is the belief that learning is a cycle based on experience, analysis, reflection and connection to real world situations. XEL is designed to be an experiential program that drives children to apply what they learn in school and find facts rather than memorize them. XEL also scientifically tracks student and school performance. Students using XEL have reported sharp improvement in several parameters like engagement levels, academic performance, creativity, communication and critical thinking.