Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) or STEAM (arts included) is the 'top-of-mind' topic of every progressive educator. Add to that Design Thinking, Digital Literacies and 21 st Century Skills. Not to leave out Tinkering spaces, Innovation Hubs and Experiential Learning. Who can you partner with for all these?

Who are we?

Creya Learning & Research (2011), the pioneer and most awarded STEM learning and Design Studio Program inspires 50,000+ school students every day to become inventors and innovators by working on projects across diverse manipulative sets from Robotics to Engineering design to Coding to Cameras and IoT. We are a team not just with passion, but also extensive experience in the education space and deeply invested in the 'thinking through tinkering' movement. We are what our partner school and their students are.

1 st and 2 nd Winning Teams @ Young Innovators Program,
IIT Kharagpur

Top Acceptances @
Global Conference

All India Championship @ National CBSE Science Exhibition

Top 7 schools Awards @
for Excellence in
STEM Education

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Big Bang Innovation in
K12 Education

What do we give?

Creya XEL 2.0, our STEM Learning Program is available for class 1 to 10 and helps young students build empathy to the world around them through the Design Thinking Framework. As they work on interdisciplinary projects cutting across Math, Science, Social Studies and ICT, they connect classroom theory to solving for real-world problems. The end result is students equipped with 21 st Century Skills: Thinking Skills (Creative, Critical, Communication and Collaboration), Digital Literacies and Life Skills.


An engaging activity to think algorithmically and apply math, science and logic to design and build machines that make life easier.
From Rovers to Robot Pets.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a fun way to work with electronics and the Arduino platform to code everyday applications and control them from anywhere.
From Faucets to Fridges.

Engineering Design

With a range of building parts from axles to wheels, gears and motors, the possibilities of constructing are endless, learning limitless.
From Bridges to Bombardiers.

Digital Media

Digital devices and internet are here to stay. Learning to use audio, video editing tools along with story-telling combines arts with the smarts.
From pictures to posts.

Design Thinking

To create, you should empathize, recognize problems to solve, design, prototype and test solutions for them.
From Thinking of Design to Design Thinking.


It’s not about Java or C. It’s about developing abilities to think computationally and creatively to code games, apps and virtual reality.
From Learning Machines to Machine Learning

How do we do it?

With so much clutter and confusion out there, what you need is a proven, effective and complete solution that you can trust your students’ future and the school’s reputation with. For over 5+ years, schools have relied on the 3 key components of our solution: Lab equipment & Studio design supported by a well-researched Project Curriculum and the Training & Support Systems.

Lab Equipment

The diverse range of manipulative sets in the Creya STEM Lab ensure that students work on different tools across the academic year and their imagination is not limited by availability of tools.

Project Curriculum

The importance of a well designed project curriculum cannot be over-emphasized. From Guided activities to open-ended Capstone problems, students experience the complete cycle of 'learning by doing'.

Professional Development

The best equipment and curriculum are of no use without a robust training and hand-holding that helps the teacher to become a 21st century coach.

Assessments & Reports

Our first of its kind 360-degree assessment includes feedback from self, peers and the teacher ensuring students know their progress while school managements get reports on implementation.

Studio Design

A room by any name looks the same. Wrong. With small changes, a classroom can be made to become an inspiring place for students to look forward to. Our design elements bring that difference.

Lesson Plans & Resources

Detailed lesson plans and abundant resources make sure the teachers are not overwhelmed but are well equipped to guide and facilitate the imagination to construction process.

On-site Support

Our continuous support to the teacher includes unlimited email/phone/skype sessions as well as regular scheduled on-site visits spent in the school Creya classroom for observation and remedial training.

PTA & Exhibitions

We understand the importance of visibility of the results. Creya includes specific support days for PTA and School Exhibition to include student demonstration of Creya STEM Lab Projects.

Want to see it?

It is very easy to talk about our belief in our product, project curriculum and our training and support. But for you, the proof lies in seeing how much of it translates to students’ experience. Why don’t we take a look at them below..

Watch the video to catch glimpses of joy, students experience in Creya STEM Lab

Click PDF below to see the project output of by students in Creya STEM Lab

Which schools have it?

From Ferozepur in the North to Madurai (south), Guwahati in the East to Pune (west), we have our partner schools with the Creya XEL STEM Lab & Design Studio. Our Advocacy and Implementation teams are spread across India to ensure we give reliable and robust implementation support to you, always.

Want to know more?

We don’t have a large pesky sales force, so don’t worry about us spamming you with calls. We are passionate about sharing what we believe is the way forward for the next generation of learners. Give us a chance to get in touch with you. It’s really as simple as 1,2,3

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Who said what?

While we are not a big fan of the trumpeting testimonials, we also wanted to make sure you know what some of our partners and stakeholders think of the program. Listen to a few students, teachers and trustees.

Student Speak

Teacher Speak

Principal Speak

Parent Speak

Like to continue reading more about STEM?

STEM Resources

Basic watch interview with Co-founder Datla V on STEM education

Creya Cover Story on STEM Education

STEM: The new paradigm for learning Math & Science

STEM education is a trans-disciplinary method of learning that aims to teach students using concepts and practices from the four core disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

As Dr. Mark Sanders of Virginia Tech University, a pioneer in integrative STEM education puts it, “It’s about technological/engineering design-based learning approaches that intentionally integrate the concepts and practices of science and mathematics education with the concepts practices of technology and engineering education”. It is important to understand that just having a Math lab or Science Lab or Science or Math activities does not construe delivering STEM education

The Creya XEL Studio Based Learning Program is India’s only true integrative STEM education program that is designed to be holistic, experiential, and geared to deliver 21st century skills while incorporating Design Thinking approaches.

STEM Education: Imperative for Success

Careers today are about what employees can do with the wealth of information freely available, rather than with acquiring information. STEM education will help create the knowledge workers, scientists, engineers, thinkers and innovators that our society and industry require. It will play a vital role in the competitiveness of India in the global economy, and in our future economic prosperity.

In School, STEM education frees learning from the confines of subject-based silos. It is not about learning Math or Science in isolation, but about learning concepts in an integrative, inter-disciplinary way, using the technology & digital tools available, with an engineering approach. Along the way, children gain core 21st Century skills such as collaborative, project-based learning and design thinking while being fully engaged and immersed in learning

STEM Advantage for Schools

The Creya XEL Studio Based Learning Program is built upon the core precepts of STEM education with inputs from experts across the globe and experienced professionals in STEM Education. It provides a systematic, well-defined framework based on which interdisciplinary teaching may be successfully achieved. Several schools have already partnered with Creya Learning to inculcate STEM education into their school day, with great success.

Given that STEM education is a new concept, training teachers in STEM pedagogy is critical to the success of delivering the program. Creya provides extensive and elaborate training as part of its implementation process; thus ensuring schools have a solid foundation for delivering true STEM education. Contact Creya to learn more about how to give the STEM advantage to your students.

The other cool things we do

Click below to deep dive into Creya XEL or know about our other exciting offerings like the Meerkats After-school program, Summer Camps or the Ignited Minds Challenge, a national level school-event on design and innovation.