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Learning in times of Lockdown: Your journey to Online Learning

Dear Educator,

Life in a Lockdown is not easy for anyone. Ensuring Learning continues under Lockdown is even more difficult, especially if you are an educator being bombarded with too much information on Online Learning. It's a fact that all of this has come so sudden, leaving many of us ill-prepared for ensuring teaching happens just in a classroom, while both students and teachers are sitting in their homes.

As a school leader, you may have questions as simple as how do I equip my teachers, which tool should I use to connect with my students at the lowest cost and best experience, and many more. As a teacher you will have questions as simple as what kind of set-up I need at home to connect to 30 students simultaneously, should I use the same lesson plans I have, to how do I ensure discipline when I cannot adopt my usual stare at the students and many more.

As a small attempt to help some of our partner educators that are relatively new to online learning, we have put together a simple 'How to get started with Online Learning' document as a PDF attachment. This simple to read and follow document gives the school leader a high-level overview of the different options available and which one to choose based on your needs. It then follows up with a how-to guide for the teacher to prepare for the dos and don'ts of online teaching.

We would be more than glad to address any of your queries on your journey of Online Learning.

Stay Safe,

Stay Strong.

Abhishek | Padmaja

Creya'tors & Learners

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