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Is the next Edison or Archimedes stepping out of your home?

... Padmaja B, Regional Manager, Creya Learning & Research

An innovation here and there was good enough to make our world a better place long back, but will that hold good for today’s world, where every day there is some change happening, what with glaciers melting faster than ever before, technology changing every day and rapid globalization making civilizational and lifestyle changes an everyday matter.

Today’s needs will not be sufficed by the availability of an ivory tower innovator here and there. To be able to solve for the challenges that beset today’s world at large and in our personal lives, we need everyone to be an innovator in their own right, whether one is a student, employee, scientist or a leader.

We do not have the luxury of waiting for that eureka moment and have to consciously design for it and work towards it every moment of the day and in every goal and challenge we aspire to solve for. This is what will make the world a better place to live.

So, coming to what goes into making an innovator? Studies have also shown than Edison’s or Da Vinci’s brain composition is just the same as anyone’s brain, then what is it he did differently that made him an innovator? Well, the answer is simple, his approach to problems involved a little of intuitive deduction, some analysis and a lot of inspiration from a deep urge to make a change. Its “Thinking” and “Doing” in a nutshell.

Sounds interesting, but these traits are present in everyone, so what is stopping each one of us from becoming an innovator?? The answer is yes but just like a diamond needs to go through a process to turn from coal to diamond, our mind, body and soul needs to be tuned to “Design their thinking, feeling and doing” day in and day out to make it part of your DNA.

This simple mantra can equip anyone to be an innovator who can solve problems as big as changing the world or as small as doing homework easy and in the process, get more out of life. So, what is the best starting, if we do not want to leave the task of making our lives better to “chance” or that “occasional innovator” or the “born genius”? The best place to start creating our army of inspired innovators is the school, where the wet clay of young minds is not yet become rigid in what cannot happen but is open to the limitless possibilities of what can.

I believe it is the onus of every parent, educator, leader and anyone that matters to understand this and allow the learning process to have opportunities where the young generation is allowed to do, feel, think and do. The impact of this can be multiplied exponentially when given a framework to work along. We have so many of them today that help in these lines including the design thinking in education, experiential learning, integrative STEM and 21st Century Skills.

But as a parent, teacher or a well-wisher, you can the simple first steps by asking the right questions, allow children to immerse and feel for the problems and opportunities around and dirtying their hands working on them. This will help them lead more fulfilling lives and along the way, make the world better place to be in.

Are you ready for the next Edison and Da Vinci to step out from your home?

Author: Padmaja B is a Regional Manager at Creya Learning & Research (, and is a relentless traveler, avid coach, passionate about smalls things that lead to big impact and above all enjoys seeing children grow up to become equipped to make the best of their life.