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21st Century Skills

“21st Century Skills” are well-defined set of capabilities that the children of today must develop in order to succeed at school, college work and life in the 21st Century. The skills have been defined by collaborative groups of educators, industry leaders and academics from across the world.

The skills include:

The Skills

Creativity (and Innovation)

  • Think creatively
  • Work creatively with others
  • Implement innovations

Critical thinking (and Problem-solving)

  • Reason effectively
  • Use systems thinking
  • Make judgments and decisions
  • Solve problems


  • Communicate clearly


  • Collaborate with others

Information literacy

  • Access and evaluate information
  • Use and manage information

Media literacy

  • Analyze media
  • Create media products

ICT (Information, Communications & Technology) literacy

  • Apply technology effectively

Flexibility and adaptability

  • Adapt to change
  • Be flexible

Initiative and self-direction

  • Manage goals and time
  • Work independently
  • Be self-directed learners

Social and cross-cultural skills

  • Interact effectively with others
  • Work effectively in diverse teams

Productivity and accountability

  • Manage Projects
  • Produce Results

Leadership and responsibility

  • Guide and lead others
  • Be responsible to others

The Creya XEL Studio Based Learning Program draws up on this skills framework, and integrates them with core academic disciplines such as math sciences and language arts, as well as 21st century themes such as global awareness, environmental literacy and others to deliver rich experiential activities.

Advantage Student

As technology makes geographical distances shrink, and local and global marketplaces merge into glocal economies, it is imperative that our children are equipped with the skills that will help them navigate these times. They need the tools and capabilities to become efficient workers in a knowledge economy; to be the problem-solvers and innovators industry demands; and to be active participants in a society whose citizens must handle issues from global warming to the digital divide

The Creya XEL Studio Based Learning Program equips our children for the unique world they are growing up in: the interconnected, multi-cultural, technology-driven world, where awareness of a multitude of skills, and working collaboratively in cross-geographical, cross-cultural, multi-talented teams is an inevitable reality.
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